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Tarleen Charcoal Soap

Tarleen Charcoal Soap

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Charcoal, Slicylic acid, Glycerin.

Charcoal soap is made of activated charcoal, a natural component known for its capacity to absorb toxins, pollutants, and foul odors. Activated charcoal benefits the skin in many ways. Including activated charcoal in cosmetic, body, and skin care products is an excellent way to absorb and draw out oils and debris trapped in your pores. Charcoal soap is considered to be a natural remedy for treating skin issues. In combination with other skin-healing substances, it may work wonders on your skin. Some of the benefits of charcoal soap for the skin are:

It helps absorb excess oil and prevent breakouts.
It may help reduce acne.
It may aid psoriasis.
It helps draw out the toxins that cause acne and redness, while also gently exfoliating the skin.
It tightens pores and makes skin firmer.
Activated charcoal soap is well-known for its effectiveness in treating acne.

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