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Ortholeen Active Pain Relief Oil - 60 ml

Ortholeen Active Pain Relief Oil - 60 ml

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Ortholeen Active Pain Relief Oil is used to treat various types of pain such as joint pain, muscle pain, back pain, sprains and arthritis. Also used for muscle cramps during exercise and sports. Ortholeen Active Pain Relief Oil is made from natural ingredients with anti-inflammatory, analgesic and soothing properties.


Each 10ml of Taila contains extracts of
Shorea robusta (Rs) 500mg, Ventilago maderaspatana (Bk) 100mg, Cardiospermum halicacabum (Eb) 100mg, Sida cordifolia (Rt) 500mg, Eucalyptus oil 2%, Ricinus communis oil 5%, Sesamum indicum oil q.s.


  • Rapid relief in restricted mobility.
  • Cervical & lumbar pain.
  • Spondylitis & Arthralgia.
  • Stiff joints and neck pain.
  • Lumbago, Myositis.
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