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Loveleen 24k Gold Sandalwood Glycerin Soap - 100gm

Loveleen 24k Gold Sandalwood Glycerin Soap - 100gm

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Luxury Aroma Glycerin Soap with Real Gold

Loveleen 24 k Chandan Gold Soap is a hand-crafted soap made using latest innovative Liquid Crystal Freezing Technology, which freezes gel into a bating bar.

It's made with real Gold Flakes and blended with natural Sandalwood perfume.

It's super rich specialty ingredients nourishes and conditional the skin thus reducing wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.

The Gold Particles slows down the aging of the skin giving you a glowing, radiant and a younger looking skin, Sandalwood leaves a long-lasting scent that keeps you fresh all day long.

Indulge your senses in the never before experience of Loveleen 24 K Chandan Gold Soap shower gel in a bar.


Gold : 91.77 %

Silver : 8.556 %

Copper : -0.116 %

Zinc : -0.066 %

Cadmium : -0.095 %

Nickel : -0.148 %

Karat Value is : 22.05

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